About our services

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Port Air Logistics are skilled in arranging all services relating to importing and exporting, including:

Import Freight Forwarding to Australia
We have a network of overseas agents that can organise for cargo to be picked up from the supplier's premises and put on the best available ship or aircraft to come to Australia. What's more, they will tell us what they are doing so we can keep relevant people informed of the progress and the expected arrival dates of cargo.

Defence Logistics
Port Air Logistics are recognised as defence logistics providers to defence related companies and foreign governments. We provide logistics solutions for the movement of defence equipment around the world and into and out of some theatres of operation.

We are recognised as a NATO Commercial and Government Entity and are certified as such.

Export Freight Forwarding from Australia
We can organise regular airfreight and seafreight (LCL and FCL) exports from Australia to all over the world. We understand Letters of Credit and we can advise on the best and most cost-effective method of exporting.

Project Logistics
Project Logistics can relate to the on-going shipment of cargo for specific projects from worldwide sources or the specialist area of handling, transport and shipping of over-dimensional cargo, such as large pieces of machinery. We are experienced in, and enjoy the challenge of organising such shipments and the satisfaction of seeing them go off without a hitch.

Import Customs and Quarantine Clearance
From the smallest shipment of samples to the largest shipment of machinery, we can organise prompt and efficient clearance through Australian Customs and Quarantine authorities for all imports into Australia. We have qualified and experiences personnel, including licensed Customs and Quarantine Brokers, as well as a state of the art computer system with direct connection to Customs and Quarantine networks.

Transport, Storage and Distribution
Transport of import and export cargo is a specialist area, requiring proper vehicles and equipment, constant communications and experienced personnel to do the job. Our cartage sub-contractors know what is required. They know the wharves and terminals, they know the clerks, and, most importantly, they know the system